Thursday, January 14, 2010

Capril Bonner-Thomas

My Best Friend Capril Bonner-Thomas passed away yesterday and I do not have the words to express how sad and lost I feel. I can recall so many incredible conversations, laughs that left our stomachs aching and her amazing ear that heard everything, even the things you did not speak. Capril made me a better person in so many ways. I will cherish our friendship forever.

Rest In Peace Capril Mae
I Love You!


  1. Oh, lisa I am so sorry for your loss and heartbreak! I'll keep you in my prayers during this adjustment time. Did you get to cover her in that quilt of love before she passed?

  2. I worked with Capril for the better part of two years at Tanners. She taught me SO much about life and not in a "teacher" way just as a friend emparting her wisdom on me.
    Her beautiful smile and laugh will be missed by me forever!

  3. She taught my girls Sutton and Carter every Sat. and for sewing and quilting camps they are 9 and 10. My heart is broken and I have to tell the girls still. Do you know what she died from? I don't know how to tell them what out telling them what happened and why. I also want to know if you have any service info. Susan Revell

  4. Lisa,

    I sewed all weekend, and thought continuously of Capril. I realized that she taught me all I know about sewing and so much more about life. I will miss her energy, creativity, warmth, wisdom, along with her smile and laugh. She was a remarkable human being. I am blessed to have known her.

    I am grateful that you work at "Tannerville". The gap of missing Capril is of course, huge. But knowing that you guys were such dear friends, and how happy she was when you came onboard, leaves a bit of Capril and much comfort for the rest of us.

    Keep the faith,

    Maureen D.

  5. Lisa, thank you for posting this picture of Capril. I was a student of hers in 2005 and she was an incredible teacher and inspiration. She made me feel like I could accomplish anything. I had kids, lost touch with her, and this past weekend, was resurrecting my sewing mind, getting all my fabric out, thinking once again about Capril and all she had taught me. I just found out that she passed away and feel a deep loss. She really was a jewel. I have 2 little pin cushions she gave me that I will treasure forever. I am so sorry for your loss of such a dear friend. Usha