Sunday, November 1, 2009

Way Too Long!

Well its been way too long since I last posted. All week I have been waiting for one of my favorite blogs to update and getting kinda irked it hadn't. That is when it hit me I can't even post once a week, Wow! am I a hypocrite. Yikes! It has been 3 months, so I got out the camera to show you what I have been doing today. With the time change I got an early start. Today is going to be a good day!

Binding on 3 quilts. I've gotten it sewn on all 3 now I need to hand stitch it all down. Now you now what I will be working on every night. When they are all finished I will show you the finished product.
I have class samples to get started on but I am going to be posting at least once a week. That is my new goal.
Lisa Ann XO

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  1. Hi Lisa! Okay, now I can link over to you! I didn't know you had a blog going but I am so excited that you do. Once a week, with all the sewing you do, shouldn't be too hard! Just start taking pictures of everything you've done and you'll have posts lined up for weeks. BTW do you know about the new Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild? They had their first meeting last month and the next is this coming Monday night. Wanna join me? Alisa Carlton is one of the founders.